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The Industrial Age Made It Possible

Of all the ages in history, the industrial age has always been the most fascinating to me. During this time, the world truly transformed into a civilized society that was capable of doing anything they put their minds to. While the world has now moved on to the technological era, I am still quite impressed by the accomplishments that the industrial era provided us. If it was not for these accomplishments, we would not be able to manufacturer many of the products that most people now use on a daily basis. That is why I wanted to start a blog that is completely dedicated to the accomplishments of industrial companies in today's society.



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Like A Good Landlord, Services Are There: Extras To Offer Your Office Building Tenants

If you own an office building, you may be hands-off with your tenants. Aside from taking care of the building and dealing with maintenance issues, the only other times that you may interact with your tenants are during rent collections and lease signings. Although you may think that office building landlords are simple meant to be less visible than residential landlords, there are services that you can offer to your new building tenants that will make it easier for them to moving in and remain in your building. If you want to have long-standing office tenants inside of your commercial buildings, here are some extras that you can offer them to sweeten the deal.

Dumpster rental services

When your commercial tenants move into your building and out of another, chances are they are going to have a lot of items that need to be disposed. Whether they are cleaning out old documents or getting rid of old equipment, chances are they will need more than the trash removal that you offer on regular days. Offer to rent a dumpster upon the move-in of your brand new tenants on a date of their choosing. Make sure that you set up the dates that the dumpster will be available and an exact time of removal. Contracting with a dumpster rental services company will keep your grounds clear and make your tenants happy.

Security services

Even in everyday office buildings, workers want to know that they are safe. Some tenants will hire security themselves, but this can cause problems if several different security services are on the premises at the same time, working for different companies. Instead, offer security services for the entirety of the building as a landlord. Having security personnel posted at the front entrance, plus extra security available to attend to office buildings as an escort, is a good perk for your tenants. Tenants may feel better about choosing you because of the added security, plus you get the option of selecting the service that is on your property.

Exterior advertisement

In a shared office building, people need to know that the tenants are inside of your building and where they are located. Offer signage services that can set up your tenants name and phone number on the exterior of the building. One of the reasons why offering this service on your own is to make sure you can personally select the colors, exterior decor, and cohesiveness on the exterior of your office building to keep it looking good.