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The Industrial Age Made It Possible

Of all the ages in history, the industrial age has always been the most fascinating to me. During this time, the world truly transformed into a civilized society that was capable of doing anything they put their minds to. While the world has now moved on to the technological era, I am still quite impressed by the accomplishments that the industrial era provided us. If it was not for these accomplishments, we would not be able to manufacturer many of the products that most people now use on a daily basis. That is why I wanted to start a blog that is completely dedicated to the accomplishments of industrial companies in today's society.



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Looking At The Reasons Why Your Hydraulic Cylinders Are Leaking

If your hydraulic machine has a leaking cylinder, learning more about why it is leaking is vital for optimum operation. Repairing a leaking hydraulic cylinder is important to avoid more expensive damage to your machine. Hydraulic cylinder issues are common and many of them are easy to repair on your own. Check out these reasons hydraulic cylinders experience internal and external leaks and what you can do about them.

Piston Seal Problems

When a piston seal has been damaged due to corrosion or being distorted because of high impact wear and tear, your best option is to replace it. If the barrel is bulging out due to wear and tear, replacing it as well is the best to make longer lasting repairs. If you replace the piston seal without also replacing the barrel, you will be more than likely making the same repairs again soon. During regular maintenance inspections, check the barrel for pitting and scoring that can cause the seal to experience damage faster.

Worn Guide Bush And Rod Trouble

When the rod gets bents or the guide bush inside a hydraulic cylinder is extremely worn, the rod seal can suffer damage. Only replacing the rod seal will not be an effective repair because it will become damaged from guide bush and rod problems as well. Replacing the guide bush and rod is necessary to prevent leakage caused by a damaged rod seal. Maintaining a regular schedule for checking if the rod is straight is important to prevent it from running while bent and causing damage to the seal. Be sure to lubricate the rod to prevent it from increasing the rod seal's chances of damage.

Dirty Hydraulic Fluid

Always making sure the hydraulic fluid in your machine is clean is vital to prevent it from causing seal damage in the cylinder. Dirty hydraulic fluid can have abrasive debris in it that can degrade the seals. Dirty hydraulic fluid can disrupt the fluid film underneath the seals as well. When doing maintenance inspections on your hydraulic machinery, checking the fluid first is a good idea.

Machine Vibrations And High Temperatures

When your machine is vibrating too much, it can cause seals in the cylinder to experience more wear and tear. Making sure your hydraulic machines are anchored properly before operating them is important to avoid seal damage. Running a hydraulic machine at high temperatures can have a damaging effects of seals as well. Always making sure your machine is never running too hot is important.

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