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The Industrial Age Made It Possible

Of all the ages in history, the industrial age has always been the most fascinating to me. During this time, the world truly transformed into a civilized society that was capable of doing anything they put their minds to. While the world has now moved on to the technological era, I am still quite impressed by the accomplishments that the industrial era provided us. If it was not for these accomplishments, we would not be able to manufacturer many of the products that most people now use on a daily basis. That is why I wanted to start a blog that is completely dedicated to the accomplishments of industrial companies in today's society.



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Top 3 Access Control Methods That Are Applicable To Industrial Businesses

If you own an industrial or manufacturing business, one of your top priorities should be to protect your business. Most industrial and manufacturing businesses involve a lot of complicated procedures and equipment that unauthorized individuals should not be around or have access to. Additionally, your manufacturing process may include trade secrets that you don't want competitors or other people to get a hold of. One of the best ways to protect your business is by using access control methods to restrict who can get into your business and who can get into specific areas of your business.

Main Entrance: Swipe Cards For Employees

Protecting your business starts with restricting access to who can enter in your front door. All of your employees should be issued a swipe card that they have to have in order to get into the front door of the building. The swipe card can be set up so that you can keep track of who exactly is swiping in and out.

Main Entrance: Video Camera & Controlled Lobby

For visitors and customers to your business, you need to set up a video camera that allows you to see who is at the door. You can also set up a speaker system that all visitors have to use in order to speak to a security guard or receptionist in order to gain access to the lobby.

From there, you need to make sure that your lobby is controlled. All doors from the lobby into the rest of your business should be controlled by swipe cards. Visitors should not be able to access your business beyond the lobby without express permission. 

Internal Entrances: Keypads & Biometric Scanners

For internal entrances in your building, you can further increase security and restrict access by installing keypads and biometric scanners.


Keypads require individuals to enter a specific code before they are allowed access to a certain space. Keypads work well for rooms that the majority of your employees have access to because the code could be something familiar or easy to remember. The best way to use a keypad is to pair it with a swipe card so that you know exactly who entered the code.  

If someone gets into your building without your permission, a keypad paired with a swipe card entrance could stop them from going any further. 

Biometric Scanners

For the areas of your business with the most expensive and sensitive equipment, or areas of your business that hold trade secrets, the best way to protect them is to have three layers of security: swipe card, keypad and biometric scanner.

A biometric scanner will require employees to either scan their fingerprints or their eye in order to gain access to the room. This is one of the most restrictive and effective means of controlling access to your business.

In order to protect your expensive equipment and any trade secrets, you need to set up a state-of-the-art security system that restricts access to both your main entrance and to your internal entrances as well. A security specialist can help you determine where you need each type of access control method described above installed in your business.